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7 Tips For Your First Time To The Ballet

It?s Saturday night and you have a date with what could just be the girl of your dreams. You let her decide what to do this evening and she suggests the ballet. Immediately you start to sweat. You?ve never been to the ballet, what if you ruin the entire evening? Going to be the ballet can be a very enjoyable, cultural experience for almost everyone. Unfortunately, if you?ve never attended a performance before, it can be a little nerve-wracking. What do you wear? How should you act? What if you?re late? If this is your first time to the ballet, here are just a few tips to help you get through the night.

Dress Appropriately: Your favorite T-shit and those ripped jeans you love so much won?t cut it for your night out to the ballet. It?s recommended that you wear something along the lines of business to business casual. If you?re still not sure what that means, a collared shirt would look nice, and a tie would look even better. Throw on a pair of dress pants and you?ll look like your right at home in the theater.

Be There on Time: Arrive at least fifteen minutes to a half hour early. A half hour may sound a little too much, but it will give you time to get used to your surroundings and grab a drink. If it?s impossible for you to arrive thirty minutes early, aim for no less than fifteen minutes. Once the performance starts you won?t be allowed in the theater until there is a break, so unless you want to sit in the lobby until a break with an angry guest and wasted tickets, make sure you?re on time. If for some reason you are absolutely unable to make it on time be patient and wait for the ushers to allow you in.

No Cell Phones: If you?re absolutely unable to leave your cell phone at home or in the car, make sure that it?s on silent. If it does happen to ring ignore the call and wait for a break to check your messages or make any phone calls. It?s also a good idea to turn off all your other electronic devices including watches and pagers.

Quiet Please: Once inside the theater keep conversation to a minimum, and once the performance starts end all discussion. When you are speaking to someone, keep your surroundings in mind and leave any ordinary barroom banter at the door.

No Food or Drink: It?s considered rude to eat and drink during the performance, so either eat before or grab a drink and something to snack on during the break.

Stay Seated: Unless it?s an absolute emergency, stay seated. While this may not be your first choice for a night out, many people take the ballet very seriously. No one wants to deal with you fumbling from your seat to the door just because you wanted to stretch your legs. It?s not only rude to those around you but it?s also being disrespectful to those on stage.

Be Respectful of the Performers: At the end of the performance don?t rush to the doors and soon as the curtain closes; it?s considered being rude to those who just spent the past hour or more performing for you.