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Converse Slip-Ons - A Brief History

Unlike many other brands, the success story of Converse was quite evident since the brand's inception in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse because within two years, his rubber based soles conquered the heart of Americans with tremendous sales volume of more than 4,000 pairs each day. Due to this huge success of the brand, the company decided to extend its production facility to sports shoes as well. In 1912, the first ranges of tennis sneakers were introduced to the market from their production facility.

The beginning of Slip-Ons were in 1917, when the company first thought about a basketball shoe for athletes which revolutionized the game ever since. Introduction of their professional basketball shoes were not only limited to the company's profit and fame but it also made people aware of the importance of wearing the right footwear for different physical activities. Athletes who were playing basketball or any other game performed better with the right athletic shoes which earned wide recognition and respect to the company.

In 1921, Charles Tuck Taylor joined the company to promote the brand which was again a milestone in America's advertising history. Taylor is the first player who ever endorsed a product commercially and the idea of using athletes to promote a brand was never thought or utilized before in United States. It did not take much time for 'All Star' name and the start logo to become the synonym for basketball. Arguably the brand enjoyed a monopoly in basketball sneakers for several decades before famous brands like Nike and Adidas could get a grip on the industry.

The company's success is largely because of their strategic advertisements and innovative usage of ideas and personalities. They widely endorsed their new products with celebrities in the mid of 1950s which promoted the brand among youngsters. Converse was a status symbol and many people adored the brand due to the low price and excellent quality of their Slip-Ons. Even today, many school and college goers love to be in these sneakers because they not only look quite charming but also serve the purpose of protecting their feet.