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Girls History Costumes

If you've been invited to a historical themed party, that's great! They are incredibly fun, and filled to the brim with different cultures and time periods that create an amazing atmosphere that must be experienced to be believed. You're probably wondering what outfit you should dress up in - it can be very confusing at first! We can help you out, however, with our diverse range of the best girls history costumes around!

We pride ourselves on supplying the greatest outfits for girls of all personalities and temperaments so you'll never fail to find your perfect fancy dress costume when you come to us direct. Our girls Roman costumes are incredibly popular and turn you into majestic, proud Romans in no time at all. The Roman Goddess costume is particularly beautiful and is sure to turn heads all night! And after all, everyone loves the Roman times, complete with bloodthirsty centurions and powerful Emperors!

Alternatively you may be a fan of Ancient Egypt, in which case you're in luck - we are too! That's why we have a large collection of girls Egyptian costumes that'll quickly transform you into a wise Pharaoh, a beautiful Queen of the Nile, or alternatively Queen Cleopatra herself! The Queen of the Nile costume is one of our most fully featured outfits and includes shimmery collar, white cape, dress, headpiece, armbands and belt. It's a shiny and magical outfit that really cannot fail to impress.

A bit further along the timeline we have our range of girls Victorian costumes, which are great if you want to explore fog-drenched Britain in style and comfort! The Queen Victoria costume is a must see, turning you into Britain's longest reigning Monarch in seconds. Alternatively check out the Miss Emily Victorian costume, based on the noblewomen and upper class of the 1800s. Both are super realistic and look great at Book Day events, particularly those that discuss Charles Dickens!

For those of you who want a costume that's even further along the timeline, we have some amazing girls World War II costumes that allow you to pay homage to the brave Britons who died in the name of the country. The Nurse costume is an authentic replica of the outfits worn by nurses in Battlefield hospitals and will make you feel particularly unique and important. The Evacuee costume is also a good choice - if you've ever seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks you'll know what it looks like!

Choose something from our range of girls history fancy dress today to ensure you won't ever forget your historical themed fancy dress party! You'll get an amazing outfit, and a lightning fast delivery service. With same day despatch and next day delivery options, we could have your order to you as early as tomorrow!