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Head Scarves - Tips for Tying a Head Scarf

Scarves and head scarves... A scarf is just a piece of cloth but if worn properly it can dress up any plain outfit. All that are needed are a few tricks and that scarf can be your ticket to glamour.

Of the different types of scarves available in the market, the head scarf is probably the most purchased and used by women. While there are already a number of accessories at a girl's disposal, the this garment is increasingly becoming popular because it is lovely and eye-catching with the new styles and colors available. It also doubles as a hair accent and can therefore be a pretty alternative to bows, clips and headbands.

There are different ways of tying a head scarf. Each way can be utilized depending on the overall look that the wearer is trying to achieve. The scarf can be used both for casual and formal events. The jewelry that will be worn alongside the scarf will also make a difference in the effect that the scarf will have on the whole outfit of the wearer.

The following are tips for tying a head scarf to get the perfect look:

1. You must first determine what scarf material will best fit your getup. If you are going to a formal event, it is best to get a scarf made of silk or satin for a more classic or elegant touch. The material of the scarf is crucial in the way the scarf will look on your head as it is tied and in how the scarf will fall on your shoulders.

2. Make it a point to get a scarf that is long enough for you to tie around your head. This will give you more leeway in trying on different styles. Long scarves are better if you are going to tie your hair in a bun or make a bow after tying the scarf. The excess cloth that you can allow to fall on your shoulders also creates a beautiful look.

3. The different ways of tying a scarf mostly depend on the shape of the scarf. If you are using a rectangular scarf, you have to fold it in a horizontal manner then proceed to folding it as much as you can. You may stop as soon as you have achieved the level of thickness that you prefer. You can then tie it around your head use it as a headband.

4. If you are using a square-shaped scarf, you must fold the scarf in such a way that it forms a triangle. Make sure that as you fold, the pointed border meets the flat edge perfectly. Repeat the folding process until you have the preferred level of thickness. The end portions of the scarf will gracefully form sharp edges and will add to the flair of the scarf.

Once you have folded the scarf in the ways applicable to its shape, you can now proceed to placing it around your hair line and then tying it into a knot at your neck base. You can place the knot at the side of your neck or in the middle, depending on the style you want to follow.

There are different colors of scarves that you can buy in any accessory store. You can maximize the use of a head scarf by matching the color of your scarf to your dress or top. Having a wide array of options to choose from will make dressing up more exciting so it does not hurt to have several scarves in your closet.