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If Nobody Knows You, Your Email Marketing Campaign Will Be Doome

The key is--you have to know your online presence or your brand equity before you embark on your email marketing campaign.

It put you in your position upfront, knowing the chances you would get your email opened, let alone read.

All your email marketing campaign efforts depends on whether you get your emails opened. If nobody knows you, you will have a lower open rate.

Most internet marketers think that their offer is the most important part of your program design. But the truth is, the most critical part of your email marketing campaign is how well-known is your brand online.

If no one opens your email because your recipient cannot remember you even though they would have opt-in to your list or trust your name, your email marketing campaign will be doomed.

If you are new to the market simply because your products are not well-known and your brand carries a sense of low value and trust, you have a difficult challenge ahead.

In this case if your brand equity is low, you will need to have a different approach in your email marketing campaign.

Since you cannot rely on your email getting opened, you will have to focus on building your online presence and a connection when your audience are opting in to your email program.

That is on your squeeze page, you will have clearly show the options for email types they have and the frequency of those messages, assuring them of their privacy that their details will not be disclosed to anyone and will be kept secret. This will help rebuild trust and credibility.

Once your visitors opt-in, follow-up with a welcome email that clearly restate your promise and proposition for agreeing to receive your emails and the expected frequency will greatly help increase response in your follow-up emails.