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Practical Guidelines for Maintaining Your UGG Snow Boots

UGG snow boots can offer really good protection for our feet in cold winter, but have you paid any attention to make some protection for the boots when they are not available to you?

UGG boots are all made of twin--faced sheepskin and genuine Australian wool. The sheepskin is full of softness and can make your feet comfortable, and the high-grade wool can keep your feet warm all the time. But as soon as the sheepskin and the wool touch water, their quality will be affected or even damaged seriously. So you should try your best to keep the boots away from water. In case your boots get wet, you should place them in an area with adequate ventilation on the spot, but bear in mind that warm air or other heating facilities should be avoided. Or you will find some water marks that cannot be easily dealt with on your boots. That would be a great trouble. And once they are damaged, it is hard for you to recover their brilliance and shine.

In order to keep a long-lasting wear of the boots and maintain its original brilliance and good look, you can follow these steps:

1 Bleaching solution that not consists of cleaning ingredients should be used. If you want to clean your boots at home by yourself, you can choose specialized sweater cleaning bleaching together with water. Here, you should pay attention that the water must be cold because warm and hot water may cause damage to the wool.

2 Gently wet the surface of the boots by means of a slightly wet cloth. Remember that when you dip the cloth in the water, the cloth is just a little wet. You mustn't get the whole boots thoroughly in the water!

3 Apply a little bleaching solution that has blended with some cold water to the strains on the surface of the boots. If it is needed, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the dirty part.

4 Get a soft and clean cloth wet and wring it dry, then wipe the boots gently.

5 Put absorbent napkin into the boots as many as possible so as to maintain the original shape of the boots. Finally, you should put the boots in a draughty place and let it dry.

6 As for the boots you won't wear, you should store them in its original boxes and make sure that there is adequate room for them. Because the boots may also get damaged if they are crushed by other shoes or stuff.

With your careful protection and maintenance, you can keep your UGG snow boots for a long period of time.