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Reebok Freestyle Hi Basketball Shoe Review

One of the things that the Reebok Freestyle Hi does well is that it captures the imagination of the old school players by going for the classical look. As well as being classical it's also one of the lightest basketball shoes. Read this article to find out how much it weighs and other important features.

The Reebok Freestyle Hi only weighs 10 ounces and this is no surprise as it does well in keeping things as simple as possible. There is minimal use of flashy things and just tries to do well and design the parts that are of most importance. One of the things that's deemed important to this basketball shoe is definitely the feel that it produces. It's made of soft garment leather giving it a soft and comfortable feel all around.

Another feature which makes it for what it is and helps with the performance of the athlete using it are the small perforations on the outsole, these help to transport air and bacteria out of the shoe and give your feet a cooler and healthier environment. This also helps to keep the weight down as less space is used for material. Most of these perforations are found on the front of the Freestyle Hi as that's where most of the sweating takes place.

On the outsole and base the Reebok Freestyle Hi has a durable rubber grip which helps traction and enhances stability. Grip that has a lot of traction is great if you're going to be stopping and starting often resulting in you needing to stay in your place or move. It will reduce the risk of you slipping or having any movement that is unwanted and which could cause injury.

What is surprising of the Reebok Freestyle Hi is that it has a nice snug fit which holds your feet in place pretty well. There is a padded collar and tongue on the front which is there for cushioning purposes as well as stability and feel. As you can guess both the collar and tongue are made of soft leather and are lightweight. A simple lace design is also in operation with these classical kicks. They don't go all the way up to your ankle as you might expect with a mid top design but rather stop at the top of the foot where the dual hooks are used to strap your foot firmly in place.